Climate Reality: Changing lives Where We Work, Play

DOESome people deny climate change, some worry it will become a scary new reality. In fact we are living through it right now. The effects are not scattered in various corners of the globe but a reality where we live and work. This info-graphic from the U.S. Department of Energy shows how climate change, ironically, also undermines energy production from the very fossil fuels that are the source of our global warming woes.


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According to April Saylor, a Digital Strategist at the Department of Energy:

“As President Obama said in his speech last month, climate change is happening — and the effects are already being felt across the country. 2012 was the hottest year on record; the worst drought in generations covered more than half the country; record wildfires swept across western states; and an intensified Superstorm Sandy devastated communities in the East.”

In an accompanying report, the DOE examines in detail how climate change will impair the nation’s ability to produce energy from all sources:

“Increasing temperatures, decreasing water availability, more
intense storm events, and sea level rise will each
independently, and in some cases in combination, affect the
ability of the United States to produce and transmit
electricity from fossil, nuclear, and existing and emerging
renewable energy sources.”

Solar and wind projects could also be affected by more intense storms, water shortages and heat but they at least offer a way to stop increasing the emissions of the greenhouse gases at the root of our climate instability.










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