Best of the Web: Your News Roundup

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailAnother week of news, views and vids from here, there and everywhere. If you have time to click on one thing, don’t miss the utter beauty of China’s Rainbow Mountains. I post this news roundup feature each Sunday on my site. I also have a weekly newsletter with even more stuff. You can signup on the homepage.



US Gov’t Sees Dead People and Pays Them-NYT
Fracking Near Newfoundland’s National Treasure?-CBC
What Climate Scientists Talk About Now-FT
Calling All Keystone Kops-BusinessWeek
Climate Changing Faster Than Ever Before-Science Week
Who Can We Thank For Dirty Cloud over Detroit-Think Progress
Obama Gives Canada Slap Upside Head-Economist

Vids and Pix
Fab Travel Snaps-National Geographic
China’s Stunning Rainbow Mountains-Guardian
Global Flash Flooding-Climate Slate

Riding an E-bike Doesn’t Suck-Wired
BMW’s E-Car Getting Rave Reviews-Grist

A ‘Green’ Cocktail-CookWithD
Books to Watch for in August-New Yorker

How To Hack Your Mind into Shape-Fast Company



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