#Bold Action: 350.org’s Plan to Spark Canada’s Climate Movement

Photo by Mark Blinch

350.org’s Cam Fenton sent out an email blast to announce #BoldAction’s plan to rally the troops in Canada in the battle against global warming. 350.0rg, with Bill McKibben its leading light, has been instrumental in tying up the Canada-to-Texas Keystone pipeline by inspiring hundreds of thousands of activists across the United States. Here is the email:

“If we’re serious about stopping pipelines, ending our investments in fossil fuels, and standing with First Nations leading the fight against tar sands — then we need to start talking about taking bold action.

On June 10th we’re putting together a night of planning and inspiration called #BoldAction — the Moral Call for Climate Justice, a livestreamed conversation about the climate movement getting bigger and bolder in Canada.

We’ll be beaming it out over the internet for folks all over the country to watch — and plan — together. You can join us by hosting or attending a local watching party. Those local watching parties will help lay the foundation for a wave of action to come. You can find a watching party near you and sign up to attend by clicking here: act.350.org/event/boldactionCA/search/

If you can’t find an event near you, you can click here to sign up to host your own. Hosting a party is simple: all you need is an internet connection, a screen, and a space to host people in. I’ll send you the discussion questions and all the information you need to make it happen.

We’ll be joined by three amazing speakers: Reverend Lennox Yearwood, founder of the Hip Hop Caucus and a powerful voice in the campaign to stop the Keystone XL pipeline, Heather Milton-Lightening, who has spent years working with Indigenous communities to stand up against dirty energy, and Sean Devlin, an organizer whose own story connects local fights to stop pipelines and tar sands to a larger struggle for global climate justice.

As we gear up to grow the divestment movement, to take on the Energy East pipeline project, and stop tar sands expansion, coming together to talk about #BoldAction will help us get ready to take the next steps. Sign up here to host or attend a viewing party. “

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