Canada Must Match US and Cut Emissions-Pembina

Simon Dyer, senior spokesperson for the Pembina Institute, made the following statement in response to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail today of a plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions and other pollution from coal-fired power plants: 

“The EPA’s climate rules send a strong signal that the United States is serious about addressing its largest source of greenhouse gas pollution. In contrast, the Canadian government continues to resist action on addressing its major emissions growth problem – the rapidly increasing greenhouse gas pollution from oilsands production.

“While Canada has the same 2020 emissions target as the U.S., our federal government has failed to produce a plan to meet its goal. As a result, Environment Canada projects that we will miss our 2020 target by more than the current emissions of Canada’s entire electricity sector.

“The best way Ottawa could respond to today’s announcement by the EPA would be to make an equally serious commitment to hit Canada’s 2020 climate target, and produce the rules required to cut emissions from the oil and gas sector. The government’s ongoing delay in releasing those rules is indefensible.”

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