Climate Change May Cancel More than just One Valentine’s Day

VDayValentine’s Day can be a real challenge for men. Most of us forget to mention anything on the day to our wives and girlfriends, which we end up paying for later with a cold dinner. Being romantic isn’t always our strongest characteristic.
However, this year the men in one lucky county of Georgia can be grateful for climate change and massive amounts of snow. Their sheriff announced Valentine’s Day was cancelled due to bad weather.
“Meanwhile, a sheriff in north-eastern Georgia declared in an apparently tongue-in-cheek Facebook post that the weather had rendered the Oconee County a ‘No Valentines [sic] Day Zone.’ Sheriff Scott Berry declared that all men in the area were exempt from having to buy chocolate or other gifts for their partners until next Tuesday.”
Though he may have been joking about the cancelation of Cupid’s special day, I’m sure there were some romantically challenged men who appreciated being saved from the dog house. And it was a bad day. The U.S. eastern seaboard was buried in piles of snow in a winter haunted by the polar vortex, a phenomenon many are blaming on climate change.
In fact, the climate has been so bizarre that U.S. President Obama is now asking for a $1 billion contingency fund as a buffer against extreme weather, Jeff Pross from Climate Progress reported:
“Recent events have reinforced our knowledge that our communities and economy remain vulnerable to extreme weather and natural hazards,” the White House said in a statement on Thursday.
But in reality I think many of us, male or female, would rather be a little challenged on Valentine’s Day than being permanently in the more severe dog house of global warming.

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