DiCaprio video: Wolf of the planet is the real menace

Leonardo DiCaprio brought us the The Wolf of Wall Street. Now he brings us the Wolf of the Planet.

In his Wall Street flick, DiCaprio gave us an entertaining but still disturbing flick on how unscrupulous players manipulate markets, to the detriment of many. Now DiCaprio is just a voice in a new video called “Carbon” but it dredges up bigger problems with even scarier implications.

The actor, who is also an environmental activist, talks about how a carbon “monster” is a stalking the planet and must be contained. What is this menace? It’s climate change and it is upon us.

Because of the buildup of greenhouse gases caused by the unchecked burning of fossil fuels, we know our eco-system is under siege. But this is not about saving the planet, it’s about saving our way of life as global warming changes weather patterns, boils the seas and melts the glaciers. With the intensification of storms, droughts and floods, it is hurting now and it’s going to get worse.

Wolf-of-Wallstreet-585x370-300x189But there are solutions, if we act fast, as DiCaprio explains in this eight minute video. A key solution includes imposing a much needed carbon tax to constrain the oil industry.

This is first in a series of short films on the climate crisis by Green World Rising. Check it out and become engaged. Today.

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