Bees are Dying but EU Companies Battle to Sell Insecticides

The bee does an incredible job helping to pollinate our world. When we see our flowers bloom we do not realize that the bee has played an important role in our ecosystem. We see them as a threat; as something that will hurt us if we bother it. Yet the bee is the key to life on our planet.

Bee colonies, however, are dying off around the world, and government and scientists are struggling to find out why.

A two year ban goes into effect this month in Europe against pesticides the EU thinks could be responsible for the mass bee deaths. But Syngenta and Bayer, two giant chemical companies, are suing the European commission to overturn the banning of its insecticide, Eureporter writes,

 “Swiss and German chemical producers have decided to sue the European Commission to court on the ban imposed on thiamethoxam, clothianidin and imidacloprid. In April this year, following EFSA’s conclusions on the high risk posed by these chemicals for bees, the Commission has banned the EU of these insecticides for many crops.”

 These insecticides were banned to preserve the life of the bees and ultimately our lives. In 1941 the Canadian Bee Journal Quoted Albert Einstein as saying, “Remove the bee from the earth and at the same stroke you remove at least one hundred thousand plants that will not survive.” It would be very odd and eerie to see barren trees and empty garden beds in the summer months.

“The impact honeybees have on the human population and the environment is far more crucial than we may think, according to an article in Bees Free. “Agricultural crops rely on honeybees worldwide to provide them with life and guarantee their reproduction. Bees facilitate pollination for most plant life, including well over 100 different vegetable and fruit crops. Without bees, there would be significantly less pollination, which would result in limited plant growth and lower food supplies.”

Bees are not just being threatened in Europe but around the globe. In August a Canadian bee farmer, Dave Schuit, told CBC news that he has lost millions of bees on his farm, “When it first happened in mass numbers, I was in denial first, thinking this is not true. But I had to face reality. When you see your own livestock dying in the millions you can’t help but get emotional.”

It is sad that money trumps the protection of our environment. The bee is small but our world depends on its survival. We need the bee now more than ever and we need our governments to step in and say no.

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