All you need to know about US forest fires in one video

With California in a state of emergency over its growing wildfires, the White House released a must-see new video narrated by John Holdren, President Obama’s science advisor, that shows how climate change is making the forest a vulnerable tinder box.

In the video Holdren explores the links between higher temperatures and reduced soil moisture and how this is sparking more fires across the United States.

“While no single wildfire can be said to be caused by climate change, climate change has been making the fire season in the U.S. longer and on average more intense,” Holdren said in the video, as reported by The Hill.

“The influence of climate change on the wildfire regime comes not just from the higher summer temperatures and reduced summer soil moisture that go with global warming, but climate change is also bringing us more dead trees — kindling in effect — killed by a combination of heat stress, water stress and attacks by pests and pathogens that multiply faster in a warmer world,” he added.




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