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iStock_000022099457MediumA collection of news, commentary, cartoons and videos of the past week that you may find inspiring or so depressing that you will howl at the moon at the injustice. Please feel free. I follow politics, climate change, food policy and political satire.



News And Opinions
The Amazing Energy Race, Thomas Friedman
How Could we Blow this One? Nicholas Kristof
Koch Brothers and the Climate Pledge-New Yorker
Risks of a Hard Landing in China-Martin Wolf
Wildfires: We Better Get Used to More of It-Huffington Post
UK Throws Party for World’s Biggest Wind Farm-Grist
GM, Honda in New Deal to Make Fuel Cell Cars-Bloomberg

Scalia Arrested Trying Burn Down the Supreme Court-Borowitz Report

How Exercise Can Calm Anxiety – NYT

Informative, smart and worrying video on why we are dealing increasingly wacky weather.
. “One thing is certain, we better get used to wacky weather,” intones the narrator.

Next Week
Gasland Part II debuts on HBO (Canada, U.S.) on Monday, July 8

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